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Gideon Osoro

Roses Have Always Had Thorns!

Isn’t it surprising that technology is an imitation of nature? The nose of the fastest train in the world is a borrowed idea from the king Fisher bird that lands swiftly in water to get its prey. ‘Twitter’ is a name borrowed from the birds’ act of chirping; just to mention for an example from lots of samples.


Insomnia can be described as a medical condition that makes an individual unable to fall asleep or remaining asleep for a reasonable time. In many cases, the insomniac would wake up abruptly and remain so till morning. Note that insomnia is classified as such by the quality of sleep, and how one feels after they sleep.

How Shall We Tell It

The world is watching Seventh-Day-Adventists because it knows something of their beliefs and the high standards they have. And some of us pride ourselves of who and what Adventism is all about – even though… Read more →

The Ultimate Purpose

Adventists, to many people, are a group of weirdos who do not eat this or that, dress oddly, and keep a different day (a whole 24hrs) for a Sabbath! This is the attitude with which… Read more →

The Overlooked Aspect

The relation that exists between body and mind is very intimate; when one is affected, the other is always more or less in sympathy.

Is There Something I Can Do?

So, amidst this pandemic, be sure that there’s something that you can do. As concerns your health, and that of your loved ones, there is something you can do.

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