Nothing can be more important in a child’s life than the influence of a prayerful mother. Well, don’t get me wrong, a father’s influence is appreciated just as much but in the early stages in a child’s life, no teaching can ever make a greater impression upon a child’s mind like the instruction of a mother. There can be no one who will have such influence over the young heart as the mother who has so tenderly cared for her offspring.

Therefore, it would be wise for the mother to consistently be on her knees. To beg for knowledge and wisdom, for the life of not only her child but also that of the next generation by extension are dependent on it.

A greater call to mothers.

Look at what Paul writes to Timothy for instance, “I am reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also” (2 Timothy 1:5). The sincere faith being talked about by Paul is a result of being raised by a godly mother, Eunice who was raised by a godly mother-Lois as well. The faith in Timothy was instilled and cultivated by the mother, a duty we are being called to as well ladies.

To me, this is the chief role of a mother; to lead the young one down the narrow path. Well, little is known about his mother, Eunice, but the brief insights shared offer powerful principles for today as far as motherhood is concerned. With this precept in mind, I am tempted to conclude that, behind every great man there is a praying mother.

Sadly, prayer is one of those things we take for granted as Christians. We ought to understand and appreciate that it is the dynamic that gives us the ability, power, and spirit to move mountains. And, praise God a five-year-old child is not too young to understand this.

Children amazingly learn how to pray and revere the LORD just by watching. This is by far the best way to teach anything to a child. I can never forget how my mother bowed her knee and with her arms folded in adoration as she whispered a prayer to God over my life-and as a child I learned just how it should be done. When I didn’t have the powers of speech to set forth my requests and desires to God, she in her own words made the requests known to God.

One of my favorite authors, Ellen G. White in one of her books, Prayer, defines prayer as “The breath of the soul, the secret of spiritual power.” Prayer is a personal experience, an interaction with God.

So, as I write down this article, am standing on the shoulders of a praying woman. I am the product of a godly woman, who fought all her battles on her knees. She understood God’s power and that we can access it through prayer. The understanding of the power of prayer and just how much this power is of great importance to our lives drove her to pray a lot more.

Never could it be possible for anyone to estimate what they owe a godly mother, and I am no exception. The prayers of my mother kept me from falling, they kept me on the straight and narrow path. Her prayers pulled me through seasons of pain, they lifted me up when I failed and kept me sane. Her prayers and words of encouragement are what made me hold on to Christ.

I remember the many times I have enjoyed God’s favor and mercies in my life and it is all because she always prayed for me. I may not have the words to express just how thankful I am that God made me a daughter of one who prayed for me, and prayed with me, that too tirelessly. Her prayers protected me when I did not even know it. I was hidden from the sight of the enemy because of my mama’s prayers.

I now see why she pressed on and on all the time, insisting on prayer being a weapon and using just that. She was indeed preparing me to be an even more prayerful woman with an understanding of the power within my reach through consistent prayer. In as much as I miss her daily prayers, and prayers she whispered for my sake, I trust that I can now stand on my own having known the value of prayer.

A praying mother realizes that raising a godly child takes a team—God, the mother, the child, the father, and other godly men and women within the body of Christ. And although I am not a mother yet, I know that a mother’s prayer is the only way to battle the forces of darkness desiring a child’s life. Be it selfishness, rudeness, anger or bitterness residing in a child’s heart, there is nothing a mother’s prayer cannot fix.

When life gets too much and you can’t stand it anymore, go down on your knees, that’s where you will find your strength. Pray that He defeats the pharaoh that stands before you and your family. Ask Him to move the mountains in your life, ask Him to divide the sea before your children. When you feel weak, pray, when you feel lost, pray , when you feel all hope is gone, pray.

Prayer does not change things, it changes you, it clears human obstacles from your way for God to work.

Strong is she that is on her knees.
Ladies, apart from your prayers keeping your children and sustaining your homes, they give you strength. Every season of motherhood offers new challenges that require strength; divine strength. Strength to stay up one more night nursing a sick child, strength for the toddler-taming years, strength to meet the physical demands of having little ones at your feet while juggling a home and a marriage and your responsibilities at work.

Motherhood is indeed a calling. I pray that a few years from now you won’t be subdued, rather, you would have learned how to draw strength from your maker and your king.


So, now mothers and future mothers, remember the significant value you add to your child by your prayers and actions. You are the first and often the most influential person in your child’s life, well, until they find their feet. This is both a tremendous responsibility and a blessing. Continue to pray, to serve, and to enjoy every moment in your wonderful role as a mother.