With the start of a new season or when investing on a virgin land, it is important for all farmers to ensure well prepared and clean fields for the establishment of the various crops planned for the season.

Land preparation is important in that it helps in killing weeds, improves soil aeration, destroys different stages of crop pests, encourages penetration of plant roots and water infiltration into the soil. Also, it makes subsequent operations possible and in some cases, manure and other organic matter can be incorporated into the soil during this process. For clarity purposes to non-farmers, land preparation can go up to more than one process like primary tillage, secondary tillage and even an extra stage depending on the fineness of the tilth conducive for the specific crop to be done. I dare you to visit the food baskets of Kenya that is Kitale, Eldoret, Molo and Narok – you’ll see all this.

Focusing on a virgin land, the farmer will certainly clear the bushes and burn them down in order to expel harmful animals and to have the land very clean ready for tillage. First is the the primary tillage which involves use of tractor drawn implements that have the capacity to overturn soil clods exposing the hidden pests, enabling aeration, facilitating penetration of the sun rays and also water infiltration. It exposes rocks and objects that are not helpful in the soil so that they can be removed and thrown away from the farm. Secondary tillage involving use of harrows cuts the large soil clods into smaller and finer particles and at this stage, planting can be done but a disclaimer – only large seeded crops can do well here. Still, the soil can be made finer by more stages of tilling. The farmer then places his seeds on the ground and awaits for the “blessings from the sky”.

God, as the farmer, now is busy preparing His pieces of land at the various stations which are our hearts and trust me, He is gassed up to reap greatly from what He sowed at the beginning of the season. He sends forth His servants to clear up the thorny bushes and perennial weeds to ensure that when the seed starts to grow, it will not be choked along the way. Our loving Father, every other time beforehand, is clearing all the amusements (1 Peter2:11) that may choke our spiritual growth later on.

The Father as well sent His word, His servants who will dig up the hard pans upside down in our hearts, expose the sins that we cherish and even some which are inherited tendencies. The rocks in our hearts – He makes provision of removing them (Ezekiel 36:26) and gives us new hearts of flesh. And now that He knows that the seed in other situations may need finer soil for it to grow, God gives it more attention again just to ensure it will grow.

He in His loving mercies and grace, is there to ensure that all the provisions are available. Clearing possible threats (thorns) that choke our growth in Him. He digs up the rocks in our hearts and replaces with favorable conditions for root penetration (hearts of flesh). Further, He prepares softer grounds for lighter seeds to grow. God is in the business of ensuring everyone gets to heaven. That is His main goal. Ensure you comply and be the good ground because the farmer must reap what He sowed.

But He is also prepared for a painful loss where the ground will keep taking back the cleared stones and thorns.