The outbreak and spread of the novel Covid-19 has left the whole of humanity uncertain of tomorrow.
Now, more than ever before, we are more conscious about our health. Moving some-time back, unconsciously, we still dreaded sickness and death; talk of cancer, diabetes, high-blood-pressure et cetera. And sadly, humanity has so much focused on finding the solutions to these nuisances!

But, is there something that we can do about these? Should one just sit, watch and wait for their turn of the fate, to experience the same things? Imagining in heaven, at the call center, now than ever, there are a lot of incoming requests from earth: “Please God heal me of Corona”, “Oh God, keep me safe”, “Help our scientists figure it out before it gets to me”, “Keep my family members safe”, “Finish up this thing soon, we want to resume back to normalcy” etc. We’re all saying that an urgent solution need come by soon enough or we are all perishing. But is there something you can do? Is there hope?

Everything thou doest
It is true that nature never forgets. Talk of the present floods, rising of sea levels, increasing greenhouse effect, deforestation, long droughts, famines and fires – just to mention but a few – and they will all be linked up to man’s destructive activities in the near past. This is also the fact about our body health. The question of how to preserve health is one of primary importance. Let us patiently study this question.

We need knowledge and judgment in order to move more wisely in this matter. Nature’s laws are not to be resisted, but obeyed.

Life or death?
Always, God put before His children life and death, and He encouraged them to choose life. He made them understand what choice would be to them life, and which one would bring death, even in the literal sense. Thereby God instructed man on matters food, hygiene, marriage and general lifestyle. And by following those, He assured His people that none of those diseases affecting non-believers would affect them! Surprising, right? But then, that’s the assurance we get.

I shall not leave you orphans…”
As it has always been said, prevention is better than cure. By preventing, the chances of living are higher than in curing. So, amidst this pandemic, be sure that there’s something that you can do. As concerns your health, and that of your loved ones, there is something you can do. And that is choosing to live healthily, that in our eating or drinking, God will still be glorified through our good health. Yes, do something good to your body, give it something healthy, and it’ll reward you tomorrow.

Good lifestyle = Choice Foods and Exercise = Strong Immunity = Good health

Tune in to know what you can, and should be doing. Tune in to know how not to be afraid of Corona or any other disease. Yes, stay tuned. Cheers

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