The world is watching Seventh-Day-Adventists because it knows something of their beliefs and the high standards they have. And some of us pride ourselves of who and what Adventism is all about – even though ignoramus. A sad state! But either way, as they look at us, how should we ensure that the wealth of truth we have, and that which we need acquire, gets to them? How do we tell it?

The health work is an entering wedge in the missionary work in these end times. It a tool to testify God’s love for humanity. It is a message of hope in this hopeless world of many diseases, even the COVID-19 pandemic. But how do we tell it?

Many transgress the laws of health through ignorance, and they need to be instructed. Instructions that disease is often brought about by disregard of the laws of health: Pure Air, Sunlight, Abstemiousness, Rest, Exercise, Proper Diet, Water and Trust in Divine Power. They need to be instructed that it is better to prevent disease by healthy living than to treat sickness. They need to know how to treat ill-health in the safest and wholesome way possible.

So, how will your neighbor, my neighbor, our neighbors get to know of God’s love letter? How will we get the glad tidings to them? You ask yourself such? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Live the much of healthy living that you know. The world has assumed that all Adventists live for what they know us for, for this isn’t true. Thereby our wisdom, heritage and treasure are ridiculed, and the God of the message thereby jested of. When we become sickly due to our indifference to the health message, people will not only question what we don’t do but also make it a laughing stock.
  2. Share the little good results. Upon embracing the health message, from the simple NEWSTART, you will realize some good results. Just like the blind man from birth whose sight Jesus restored declare, “Whether the message seems burdensome and out-of-the-normal, I was sickly but now I am healthier”.
  3. Tell of the God of the message. Among the richest reassures of life are good health and peace of mind. Once you’ve acquired these, people around will want to know how and by Whom you have these. Please faithfully relate to them the how and refer them to the Who.
  4. Seek to know more. We need to understand the physiology of our bodies, and search for how to’s to better care for ourselves. As you do this, the urge and confidence to share what you know will increase the more. As much as you will have an opportunity, share and demonstrate. So, learn to give.

Dear reader, the word of God is life. And from the beginning, God has sought to give life – that which is abundant. So, why don’t you set out to lead a neighbor to this abundant life?


John 9:25

Review and Herald, December 8, 1910

Gideon and Abigael