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Obwoge Magara Jr.

Impact of Repentance on purposeful living.

Once we submit to Him who is the author of our lives, He is then able and willing to put us straight into a direction of a life that is with a purpose.

The Role of Parents In Purposeful Living

Our parents are so essential that God takes time to talk about them in His Ten Commandments. God commands us to honor our parents so that our days may be long upon the land that the Lord has given us.

The Place of Purposeful Mentorship

Have you ever wished you had an elder brother or sister to guide and help you in an endeavor dear to you? A person to whom you channel all those questions that always fill your mind in an uncertain way?

A Critical Balance

Many a time we find ourselves making resolutions to live, lead, and maintain a more productive and purpose-driven life. A life that brings honor, pride, and respect from and to humankind and the Creator. Human life, like that of all mortals, is short and finite.

Become a Phoenix

Are you a cabbage? Yes, are you vegetating at home? Do you spend most of your time snuggled on that couch all day? If yes, then you are precisely the cabbage I am looking to shred by the end of this op-ed.

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