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Apiyo Frank

New Beginnings In Christ

For all his intolerance, he possessed a progressive mind broadened by contact with the wider life and speculative thinking of the Greco-Roman world. His later speeches bear testament of acquaintance with at least some of the writings of Aratus, of Epimenides, and of Menander, all Greek poets of renown, and of Seneca and Athenodorus of Tarsus.

Apt to Teach

It does not escape Paul’s attention that the serving minister must not be “a novice” but instead be seasoned in the ways and things of God. A man’s life prior to his call may not be any bit spectacular but once he enlists to the work, he takes a path of ceaseless advancement; mentally and spiritually such that he can never feign ignorance in the matters of God. The nature of the work is such as to test a minister’s fitness both morally and spiritually.

Shepherd or Hireling?

In the fifteenth chapter of Luke, the Pharisees railed against Christ, accusing him of receiving sinners. Christ countered their claim by a set of parables. He presented to them in the lost sheep, lost coin and prodigal son the dire need of the sinners, their utter inability to help themselves and how joyful it was to reclaim even one as such.

Divine Unctions

Michelangelo, undoubtedly an elect of the fine arts, chiseled away at marble at the turn of the 16th century for his overpowering David, his most famous sculpture, before he brought to life the ceiling of… Read more →

With Him, Anywhere!

Will you at this moment, enlist to his service. Be the hands of Jesus, wherever you may be at this critical hour. “Look upon every duty, however humble, as sacred because it is a part of God’s service. Your daily prayer should be, “LORD, help me to do my best.

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