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Wilbur Omae

Explore or Exploit?

The Last Man Who Knew Everything. That is the title of a biography of Thomas Young written in late 2006 by Andrew Robinson. Young was the quintessential polymath. A physician by profession, he dabbled in fields as varied as physics, music, literature, medicine and Egyptology making lasting impressions.


What does inspiration look like? For an engineer, it could be coming up with a design that is an intersection of beauty and mathematical rigour, all the while being strained for time. Perhaps it is… Read more →


It is he who puts in deliberate practice, and this means setting targets, practicing, incorporating a feedback loop with self-evaluation, external criticism and correcting mechanisms.

Something Better

I believe that most of us are simply just coasting through life. Our talents, our minds, our capacities for growth and service are all largely underutilised, if at all.

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