Adventists, to many people, are a group of weirdos who do not eat this or that, dress oddly, and keep a different day (a whole 24hrs) for a Sabbath! This is the attitude with which the world views us.

And Adventism, to many of us, is a heavy yoke that we must bear lest we become sick (getting cancer, diabetes, arthritis et cetera), dying young or having a miserable old age, and ultimately miss heaven. So, were it not for these ‘risks’, we would have left all the principles taught us.

Jesus once said that was and sure isn’t what goes into a man’s mouth that defiled them but that which came out of their mouth; for that which one ate was later discarded as waste. The thing that defiled man was that which came from their hearts. So, truth be told, our health message does not move one closer to God, or make one a better Christian!

So, why is the whole fuss about NEWSTART, healthy plant-based wholesome food, proper clothing – for glory and beauty and so on and so forth? Why aren’t we left to eat that which seems good for food, dress as we see the world do and be left alone to our passions and appetites? Isn’t it true that God looks at the heart?

God has in many instances expressed his desire that we be in good health, even as we prosper spiritually. He even spared a portion in His holy Bible to outline the best foods, better foods and good foods for humanity; and has as well outlined what shouldn’t be eaten. He also has outlined principles to be followed when choosing what to put on. What a God!

So, why would God want us healthy? I would lead us to recall that many of Jesus’ miracles were the restoration of health. Why? God desires us healthy, for mainly these reasons, among many others:

  1. Every believer of His is expected to join in the preaching of the Gospel to the whole world, for mans’ salvation or a testimony. We all should have an intelligent knowledge of our bodies, that we may keep them in conditions necessary to do the work of the Lord. A sick Christendom, preaching Christ would bring reproach to His name.
  2. To be able to judge rightly, we must be in sound health. Anything that lessens physical strength enfeebles the mind and makes it less capable of discriminating between right and wrong. We become less capable of choosing good and have less strength of will to do that which we know to be right.

Dear friend, you are precious before God, and that is why He would want healthy Christians here on earth. And He does not leave that to chance, so He has given counsel on how to care for our bodies. For the effort that He has put for you to know; seek to know how, and embrace it; it is part of God’s love letter to you.

Live Healthily, stay safe and glorify God even in your bodies.


Christ Object Lessons (Chapter 25)

Matthew 15:11,17,18

3 John 2