Dear AMO after you consider #3, don’t be dry, you always need a dose of #15, by now you should know that your 001 ALO needs #47, it is key almost every Sabbath. ALO try to take it to #5 and be fair to AMO with #48. Let’s keep #36 as we plan for #35 after Rona.

1. Be the first to say hello.
2. Introduce yourself to others.
3. Take risks. Don’t anticipate rejection.
4. Display your sense of humor.
5. Be receptive to new ideas.
6. Make an extra effort to remember people’s names.
7. Ask a person’s name if you have forgotten it.
8. Show curiosity and interest in others.
9. Tell other people about the important events in your life,
10. Tell others about yourself, and what your likes are.
11. Show others that you are a good listener by restating their comments in another manner.
12. Communicate enthusiasm and excitement about things and life in general to those you meet.
13. Go out of your way to meet new people.
14. Accept a person’s right to be an individual.
15. Show your sense of humor when talking to others.
16. Tell others what you do in a few short sentences.
17. Reintroduce yourself to someone who has forgotten your name.
18. Tell others something interesting or challenging about what you do.
19. Be aware of open and closed body language.
20. Use eye contact and smiling as your first contact with people.
21. Greet people you see regularly.
22. Seek common interests, goals, and experiences in the people you meet.
23. Make an effort to help people if you can.
24. Let others play the expert.
25. Be open to answering common ritual questions.
26. Get enthusiastic about other people’s interests.
27. Balance the giving and receiving of information.
28. Be able to speak about variety of topics and subjects.
29. Keep abreast of current events and the issues that affect all of our lives.
30. Be open to other people’s opinions and feelings.
31. Express your feelings, opinions, and emotions to others.
32. Use “1” and reveal your feelings when you talk about personal things.
33. Don’t use the word “you” when you mean “I”
34. Show others that you are enjoying your conversations with them.
35. Invite people to join you for dinner, social events, or other activities for companionship.
36. Keep in touch with friends and acquaintances.
37. Ask other people about their opinions.
38. Look for the positive in those you meet.
39. Start and end your conversation with a person’s name and a handshake or a warm greeting.
40. Take time to be cordial with your neighbors , classmates and coworkers.
41. Let others know that you want to get to know them better.
42. Ask others about things they have told you in previous conversations.
43. Listen carefully for free information.
44. Be tolerant of other people’s beliefs if they differ from yours.
45. Change the topic of conversation when it has run its course.
46. Always search for another person’s “hot button.”
47. Compliment others about what they are wearing, doing, or saying.
48. Encourage others to talk with you by sending out receptivity signals.
49. Make an effort to see and talk to people you enjoy and have fun with.
50. When you tell a story, present the main point first, and then add the supporting details afterward.