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April 2020

Where Do You Invest?

Different people have different reasons for investing but the most common ingredient in an investment plan is diversification. The Bible says,” cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it… Read more →

How Shall We Tell It

The world is watching Seventh-Day-Adventists because it knows something of their beliefs and the high standards they have. And some of us pride ourselves of who and what Adventism is all about – even though… Read more →


What does inspiration look like? For an engineer, it could be coming up with a design that is an intersection of beauty and mathematical rigour, all the while being strained for time. Perhaps it is… Read more →

Premarital Sex

Sex without love and permanent commitment bypasses personhood and drags the individual to a lower status of existence.

It is Also for Me….

I for example, am skilled at introversion and I like being alone A LOT. Too many people drain me. But I desire to live like Christ did and he was a missionary. Isn’t evangelism about… Read more →

Become a Phoenix

Are you a cabbage? Yes, are you vegetating at home? Do you spend most of your time snuggled on that couch all day? If yes, then you are precisely the cabbage I am looking to shred by the end of this op-ed.

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