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June 2020

The Strength of Weak Ties

Without a doubt, friends play a crucial and supportive role, but more often they are helpful in the survival mode and not in the development of virtues of thrift and self-reliance. We have inadvertently limited ourselves from accessing newer opportunities by huddling together with like-minded peers, being in constant contact with the same few people.

Assert Your Liberty

Growing up, I knew that prayer was only answered in three ways; yes, no or wait. I know we are all well accustomed to this and have heard it in several sermons, had friends say it to us when seeking clarity about prayer or even just reminded ourselves how God deals with prayer.

New Beginnings In Christ

For all his intolerance, he possessed a progressive mind broadened by contact with the wider life and speculative thinking of the Greco-Roman world. His later speeches bear testament of acquaintance with at least some of the writings of Aratus, of Epimenides, and of Menander, all Greek poets of renown, and of Seneca and Athenodorus of Tarsus.

The Role of Parents In Purposeful Living

Our parents are so essential that God takes time to talk about them in His Ten Commandments. God commands us to honor our parents so that our days may be long upon the land that the Lord has given us.

Are You Thirsty?

Oh, desperate longing soul will you draw nigh and take a draft of the everlasting water or will you obstinately linger in your broken cisterns. Like Israel of old Jesus is offering us the water of life, true satisfaction and peace, something we can’t attain on our own. Are we going to follow in their footsteps by rejecting Christ?

Bravely Broken

She proceeds to arrange the pieces of paper on her table, as though you don’t matter. She has seen many like you before, she says. Does she know who you are?And how could life move on so normally with so many misfortunes pursuing you?

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