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May 2020

Apt to Teach

It does not escape Paul’s attention that the serving minister must not be “a novice” but instead be seasoned in the ways and things of God. A man’s life prior to his call may not be any bit spectacular but once he enlists to the work, he takes a path of ceaseless advancement; mentally and spiritually such that he can never feign ignorance in the matters of God. The nature of the work is such as to test a minister’s fitness both morally and spiritually.

Explore or Exploit?

The Last Man Who Knew Everything. That is the title of a biography of Thomas Young written in late 2006 by Andrew Robinson. Young was the quintessential polymath. A physician by profession, he dabbled in fields as varied as physics, music, literature, medicine and Egyptology making lasting impressions.

The Place of Purposeful Mentorship

Have you ever wished you had an elder brother or sister to guide and help you in an endeavor dear to you? A person to whom you channel all those questions that always fill your mind in an uncertain way?

Done! No Money!

When money problems are a constant presence in our lives, it can be an all-consuming worry that robs us our peace. It can worry you to the extent that it affects your relationships and even your health.

Your Conversations Count, 30+ Ways to a Notch Higher

Be tolerant of other people’s beliefs if they differ from yours.

Roses Have Always Had Thorns!

Isn’t it surprising that technology is an imitation of nature? The nose of the fastest train in the world is a borrowed idea from the king Fisher bird that lands swiftly in water to get its prey. ‘Twitter’ is a name borrowed from the birds’ act of chirping; just to mention for an example from lots of samples.

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