I for example, am skilled at introversion and I like being alone A LOT. Too many people drain me. But I desire to live like Christ did and he was a missionary. Isn’t evangelism about being friendly? How then is it my portion if I am a lone ranger?

I can’t keep conversations longer than greetings. I only freely talk to friends I am used to. I appear indifferent to strangers. Isn’t evangelism about chit-chatting? What then is my part in missions and evangelism?

Is it true that Christians are evangelists?

Do I fit in the family of evangelists?

Is it also for me?

Often when the word mission comes to our hearing or the word evangelism crosses our vision, we quickly shift our attention gears. And our focus turns to other things entirely. We think evangelism is not about us and it certainly isn’t important to us. After all, we aren’t pastors or evangelists or even missionaries.

Should it be weighty for us?

Of what benefit is it to us?

Why spend time on it?

We often ask these questions but worry not God already had answers for us. He knew that somewhere in between our busy lives we would question our calling and wonder about our purpose.

And that is why we have the BIBLE, to learn about the science of evangelism from Peter, Paul, Philip and even from the master missionary, Jesus Christ.

Evangelism is a lot of things

It’s not just sermons on pulpits

It’s not only the message in songs

It is also the smile in tears

The giving in scarcity.

The helping hand in times of trouble

The comforting words amidst the storm

It is walking in the steps of Christ

You can start by praying to God and ask Him to help you find your part in his work of evangelism

Slowly, you will realize that you too had a part to play…

If you cannot be the watchman,

Standing high on Zion’s wall,

Pointing out the path to heaven, Offering life and peace to all;

With your prayers and with your bounties

 You can do what heaven demands  you can be like faithful Aaron, Holding up the prophet’s hands