The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent preventive measures enforced by the government have put us in a position previously untenable: alone, unoccupied, free. I say untenable because being a student/employee often means frequent social contact, predetermined schedules and limitations on what we can and cannot do. Perhaps now we have time for, among other things, introspection.

Have you ever had time on your hands and never really knew what to do with it? For all I know, this could be an accurate description of your life over the last few days. What did you end up filling it with? A nap, movies, banter?

What do you generally do in your free time? What impact does that activity have on you? Think broadly; think mentally, physically, spiritually. Now, extend the sphere: what impact does it have on those around you?

How often do you try out something new? And when you do, how often do you stick with it until you perfect it? Can you even count on one hand the skills you can confidently say you have? Suppose we go back in time – walk down memory lane if you prefer. Do we find a highway strewn with things you loved doing and possibly even excelled in but which you no longer do? What happened? Adulting? I confess that some things were rightfully relegated by the passage of time; some, however, would have proven indispensable right now

Something Better

What are we at? I believe that most of us are simply just coasting through life. Our talents, our minds, our capacities for growth and service are all largely underutilised, if at all. But you know what – we were endowed with much more than we think, to do much more than we imagine, in ways much better than we suppose


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