In it, you belong. It gives a sense of security. It brings about the ties that bind. Biology doesn’t limit its existence. When the seed of love is planted in it, it sprouts, doesn’t shy from tendering, and bears fruits in abundance. Brotherhood.

Do you have a brother? Now, do you have an elder brother?
You grow up having superior figures all around you. Of course, you know your parents well enough since “mama” is the first word in your mouth save for a few- I won’t say abnormal but that’s the word- toddlers who get the ‘baba’ word first into their fleshy folds (read lips). Then there is this one person almost your age. He professes some authority, insensible at a young age, to an extent he not once, gives you beatings in the name of devolved discipline.
As age catches up with both of you, you tend to look up to him. In most cases not out of your will but since your parents have entrusted you fully to him. Influence plays the lead role. You become more of a copy-paste than an original. Thankfully, he is upright in stature and morally notwithstanding. A source of envy and pride in equal measure.
Apart from the striking resemblance, you share notes on matters pertaining to life. Having grown together through similar sufferings and victories, he tends to offer better psychotherapy. He understands what ails you.
You have strict parents, who listen to your brother as he is their firstborn son, and more often than not does he submit the wishes of his siblings to them. A bridge per se. Not only does he protect your interests but saves you from life’s brutal encounters. A savior, defender, comforter, supporter- name them.
In the course of Christianity, I have encountered the thought of Christ being akin to a brother. This cogitation is accompanied by evidence of having a common father, God. Furthermore, we have a likeness in the image to His, a thought conceived and actualized during creation.

How much do we take Christ for a brother?

Having shared in affliction by taking the human form and called us brother in leading us to salvation. Through this salvation, we get a sense of unity. He came by as an exalted, superior, unique, divine brother. With him, we are heirs of God’s estate. However, for us to claim this inheritance we have to subdue to his care-giving and guidance.

By virtue of experiencing sympathy and suffering together, we should be comfortable enough to submit our petitions to the Father through Christ our Brother. He is a merciful and faithful High priest. Never tiring to make reconciliation for our sins.

How do you pray?

Whilst showing ultimate reverence to the creator, we have the chance to approach him like our own. Get to the table, have a heart to heart conversation, believing that He is listening. Speak with him as you walk by the way, as He says “I am at thy right hand.”

“Prayer is opening of the heart to God, through Christ as to a friend. Not that it is necessary in order to make known to God what we are, but in order to enable us receive Him.”

Don’t forget it

This Jesus – this God who became man, this warrior who freed us from fear, this high priest who mercifully and faithfully broke the link between sin and death – is our brother. However, we should refer to him as brother only in the most reverent and careful manner. He is our Lord.


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