There is a beautiful promise written within the old scrolls,
“For I am going to my father’s house to make a place for you”
There’s a sweet hope in the scripture,
“For I have plans for you, plans for prosperity not doom”

There’s a message of a beautiful redemption in the scripture,
“For I am the light of the world, through me you will see eternal life”
There’s a display of love in the old scrolls,
“For He loves the world, that He gave a sacrificial lamb for our redemption”
There’s a great Play of mightiness,
“For the old prophet, ascended in a chariot of fire”
A show of new home there,

There is a promise of a new world here in those last pages,
“And then I saw a new earth and new heaven…”
Thus in the light of the old rugged cross,
My ways in right I keep,
For there is a room in His Father’s house that awaits,

Within the old scrolls, I found a sense of our identity,
“Behold the manner of love the Father has given unto us that we may be called His children”
There’s a strong assurance in the scriptures
“And before they ask I will answer”
There’s a sweet  meek voice in the scriptures,
“Come let us reason together…”
There’s a display of righteousness in the old scrolls
“Be yeah holy as I am holy”
There’s a great play of omnipotence
“And he changed water into wine”

In the last pages of the scroll, there’s a reward
“I come quickly and my reward is with me, to give every man accordingly as his work shall be”
Thus in the light of the old rugged cross,
My ways in right I keep
For there’s a reward that He will bring with him in the end

He is coming
And yes, come Dear Lord Jesus