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Impact of Repentance on purposeful living.

Once we submit to Him who is the author of our lives, He is then able and willing to put us straight into a direction of a life that is with a purpose.

God’s Paintbrush

Of all the leaves upon a tree, there are no two precisely alike. And the Lord does not expect that His workers shall be exactly alike in their skill or in their manner of working. 6MR 107:1

Examine Yourself, Lest Ye Be Reprobates.

In a world where external validation is all we seek, let us remember that the internal validation is worth more. The internal validation of Christ in you should supersede the external validation of the world. Examine yourself then as to whether you are in the faith.

How To Make Use of Time – When There Is So Much of It

Hasn’t it grown to be a cliché that time is money and that we should regard it as such? But what exactly does this mean? How did time, a unit measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days and so on get to be equalized to money, measured as an exchange value?

The Strength of Weak Ties

Without a doubt, friends play a crucial and supportive role, but more often they are helpful in the survival mode and not in the development of virtues of thrift and self-reliance. We have inadvertently limited ourselves from accessing newer opportunities by huddling together with like-minded peers, being in constant contact with the same few people.

Assert Your Liberty

Growing up, I knew that prayer was only answered in three ways; yes, no or wait. I know we are all well accustomed to this and have heard it in several sermons, had friends say it to us when seeking clarity about prayer or even just reminded ourselves how God deals with prayer.

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