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The Announcement I’m a first year student in my second semester. It is mission preparation period. Countless posters are sent daily in the WhatsApp groups, promotions are done every sabbath. Funds are raised towards supporting… Read more →

The Tending Farmer

With the start of a new season or when investing on a virgin land, it is important for all farmers to ensure well prepared and clean fields for the establishment of the various crops planned… Read more →

A True Conversion.

A vast number of people who are members of churches today are not fully converted. Conversion has been thought to be the mere knowledge of God without total surrender to Christ, as they once did… Read more →

A Woman On Her Knees

In the early stages in a child’s life, no teaching can ever make a greater impression upon a child’s mind like the instruction of a mother. There can be no one who will have such influence over the young heart as the mother who has so tenderly cared for her offspring. Therefore, it would be wise for the mother to consistently be on her knees. To beg for knowledge and wisdom, for the life of not only her child but also that of the next generation by extension are dependent on it.

Faith In A Rational World

Mere acquaintance with the Bible is not enough, the ability to rightly divide the word and milk out the substance of our doctrine is commendable but it is only the assimilation of God’s word in us, the innate belief of its authenticity and its applicability to our unique circumstances, then bringing it into our daily experiences that will profit us. For what will food well-seasoned with condiments benefit us if not eaten?

Free Bondmen

It is the Christian hope that buoys the bondman’s soul, that cheers the good and faithful servant of Jesus Christ while toiling here below –‘and the end everlasting life’. However difficult the task may be while holding up the crimson-stained banner of Prince Immanuel, we may reckon with Paul.

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